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Why Did I Get Married?

Why Did I Get Married?

80 20 rule tyler perry

In it, something called the 80/20 rule is mentioned. Basically the theory is that when a person cheats, they tend to be attracted to the 20 percent in another person that is missing from the spouse.

When I ask a man these questions, they’ll be quick to say leave first, ask those questions later. But ultimately though, when there is enough reason to leave or stay. Craziest Scene From Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married. See what I believe to be true, and I believe to be true when it comes to Tina and I, is that if you leave to look for that other 20%, you may never get the 80 back again. I mean she might not find the another person that has the 80%. Or she might find it, and if she does not appreciate what she had with me–if she has not learned that lesson, she walk away or lose them as well.

80 20 rule tyler perry

Some people think that their relationship should be 100% satisfying. God tells us in His Bible how He wants us to be in a relationship and how we should treat our spouses. If we will just LISTEN to His directions, we can be in a very happy and fulfilling relationship. Not to say it won’t ever have problems but with God’s direction, we can resolve any conflicts that arise. A woman knows what she’s getting into when she gets married. She knows what her man wants and expects. She was satisfying him before they got married, so why should that changed after marriage.

When Did Why Did I Get Married Too?

Do everything possible to help them establish trust in you. They are not the problem; they are what was used to try and address the real issues. If you’re the one who had the affair, don’t look to the person you cheated with as your ticket to happiness. It’s also a good idea to see a marriage counselor, at least a few times a year, even if you don’t sense that you have any “real” marriage issues. It’s a proactive approach to keeping your marriage safe. Also, make intimacy within your relationship a priority. Yes, these are pretty grim statistics; however, that doesn’t mean that your relationship has to be one of them.

  • The sound of arguing signals the arrival of Angela and Marcus.
  • Not only that, but 2-3 percent of children are the result of an affair as well.
  • Fortunately, Smith says what everyone is thinking, however, which provides good comic relief.
  • A quarterly inventory would be conducted every 3 months.
  • The series, which stars White and Smith as Marcus and Angela, premiered on TBS on November 25, 2011.
  • She introduces Troy to the others and tells them she has invited him to breakfast.

As part of that I have been searching the web which is how I found your site. I just wanted to leave a comment, say hi and thanks. I’m sure I will be visiting all your posts as part of my research. I went through the same situation a year and a half ago.

Rely On Your Marriage More Than Your Feelings

The point is to look at your relationship and really question if something substantial is missing. If this is the case and you feel unsatisfied, then move on and find someone who can offer you more. Remember, a key element to any relationship is honesty – not just to your partner, but yourself. During the good times in a loving relationship, the other 20 per cent doesn’t really matter because you don’t notice it missing.

So what compels a person to leave their mate? Are they tired of waiting and/or expecting the other person to change? Whatever the reason, anyone in a relationship must first of all realize one simple truth – that no one including them is perfect; and that everyone has faults, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies.

There are too many weddings but not enough long-lasting marriages. I see many couples choosing to divorce, or separate (Nigerians handy break up tool which doesn’t involve the Law). People are in relationships where they are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop regardless of how happy they are, but the gag is… you don’t have to be unhappy in your relationship to cheat. Now, apply the 80/20 rule to the rest of your life. In sales, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your sales staff. In ministry 80% of your problems will be caused by 20% of your members. In life 80% of your time can be consumed by the 20% of those things we think of as fires.

Because they crave something from relationships and cannot be in single and in their own company at all. Thank you for writing about the 80/20 rule! I am in that situation and reading this article made me feel so much better about the situation!

In the premiere episode(titled “Cheaters”), viewers are immediarely drawn in as Nadine receives calls from Whitney in regards to her boyfriend, Daren, being in a hotel with another woman. Learn to be respectful, learn to TRY to understand eachother, and sometimes – agree to disagree, which is okay, by the way. This too, can be fixed.It doesn’t mean the love is gone, it just means its been clouded by negative things and it needs to be worked on, more than ever, to get Certified Public Accountant that feeling back. Either they were never in love or the negative conflicts have outweighed the positive ones causing one or both parties to not be able to feel the love any longer. If everyone who experienced an affair solely relied on their feelings when it came to determining if they were going to work through it, probably no marriage would survive. I’m at the beginning of my health plan. As a 48 year old dad I need to get healthy for my future and my kids.

80 20 rule tyler perry

Angela has a drinking problem, and being drunk gives her an excuse to vent. She takes out her anger on her passive husband, Marcus , as well as anyone who crosses her. The 80/20 rule of active listening says that in any sales conversation the sales rep should spend 80% of the time listening and only 20% of the time talking. Listening is the only way to learn the important things you will need later in order to match the customer’s needs with the right solution.

After doing research in the rule, I came across this short article that provided a brand new twist towards the rule. It states that 80% of this issues we now have with other people are our personal interior battles. One other 20% are real relationship problems. We adored this standpoint us accountable for obstacles that happen instead of blaming the other person because it holds.

Why Did I Get Married Synopsis?

Speaking of acts of service, take the time to learn your partner’s love language. Both you and your loved one should take this quiz so you can find out how they want to be loved and they can understand how you want to be loved. It will help you both avoid hurting the other, if for example your significant other’s love language is receiving gifts and you never give them a present for their birthday. You can avoid dozens of future arguments by applying awareness to the way you love your mate. There are some serious life lessons taught in the movie, like the 80/20, rule that you should never forget. If you go back and look at my blog entry titled “I Met Tyler Perry Last Night” from October 3, 2007, you will see that I predicted that his movie “Why Did I Get Married? ” would be the top movie from this weekend and I’m glad to say that I was correct.

80 20 rule tyler perry

The series, which stars White and Smith as Marcus and Angela, premiered on TBS on November 25, 2011. In June 2021, Perry entertained the idea of revisiting the franchise with a film called Why Did I Get Married Again. The third couple is housewife Sheila and entrepreneur Mike . If you’ve been in a long term relationship, you can find a million things, why you just prefer to be single. At that point you see potential in the looks and infatuation of everyone else.

I’ve always loved this quote I heard in a movie, maybe you’ve watched it, no, not the Notebook! It’s a Tyler Perry movie about 4 couples who are close friends that portray some very real trials and tribulations that lots of married couples go through. One particular scene, that has always stuck with me, was where one of the characters, introduces the “80/20 Rule”, to the guys. Some couples do not do well at recovering from infidelity because they continuously bring the affair up—in context and out of context. Although it does take some time to heal and while “getting an over an affair” may not 100 percent happen, for your marriage to survive, forgiveness is going to have to happen. If you’ve never seen Tyler Perry’s movie Why Did I Get Married?

If notice her looking at Jared Leto a lot, try to grab some of those aspects and add them to your personality. Running for 20 percent are the acts of an emotionally immature person who has tunnel vision and can not see what is important. The reason Certified Public Accountant why men in casual relationships cheat? Deep down they are not confident in their ability to find a good man or woman, people who don’t have the balls to end something before moving on. Searching for the next before leaving the previous.

And then there may come along someone who is offering the twenty percent that you’ve been missing. Now twenty percent looks good because you don’t currently have it. Subsequently, Perry created a comedy-drama television series based upon the two films titled Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

Tyler Perry’s 80

Fiifi choose sex forgetting that a good home isn’t built with sex. Still, there are people who break-up and go to meet people later to marry and are happy. Maybe its because the one they let go is the lesson they needed to learn. Maybe they mature to the point where they can appreciate what they gave up earlier. That could happen to Tina, and I’ll not feel sorry for feeling like that sucks! You don’t always get what you want or deserve.

Why Did I Get Married?

In this way the chart visually depicts which situations are more significant. That will give you the 64/4 rule (80/20 times 80/20) which tells you that two thirds of your results 80 20 rule tyler perry come from just 4% of your most effective time. You can apply the 64/4 rule to every aspect of your life, from being a leader, a business owner, a spouse and a parent.

One of the guys in the group was secretly dating another woman while he was already in a relationship. He didn’t care about his existing partner for she was overweight. His existing partner was one of the most caring and loveable persons on the planet yet the guy chased after another woman. I once watched a great movie by Tyler Perry called “Why Did We Get Married”. This movie is all about relationships and discusses the key issues surrounding it. A group of friends decide to head to the mountain for the weekend with their partners to bond and connect with each other.

How To Ensure You And Your Partner Have An Equal Partnership

As far as the 80/20 theory, I think it perfectly describes why men cheat. This article wasn’t trying to justify amoral behavior. It was trying to give a theory of mind into the individual who cheats. Even evil people deserve love too; most of the time they need it the most. If you learn to humanize things that you hate, you will see it carry over positively into your relationship.

Healthy Ever After: Tips For People Caring For

It forces you to no longer be picky but to really evaluate what really matters most to you. You have to decide what you can or can’t live with, in a person. Some time later, the couples converge at a gala celebration for an award recently received by Patricia. She, Dianne, and Angela are elated when Sheila arrives, re-introduces Troy as her new husband, and has successfully lost weight with his help. Troy meets up with the husbands, who are also gladly surprised by the news of his and Sheila’s marriage.

I just hope I find someone that recognizes what Tina does not, or has forgotten. In the abstract sense we both deserve to be happy. One day I might for give myself for feeling like I deserve it more than she does right now. In Tyler Perry’s Why cash flow Did I get Married, Mike leaves his wife for another woman. She sexually satisfies him but she does not cook, clean or care for him the way his ex-wife used to. She stereotypically spends his money shopping 24/7; Mike later regrets his choice.

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